Marine biologist for a day in the Azores


8 Hour


Açores, Pico

Marine biologist for a day in the Azores

Get ready for a day of intense research and learning about the giants of the sea. If you have always been interested in marine life research and are curious to know what our biologists’ day to day life is like, then this experience is
absolutely for you!

In recent years, more than 3,000 sperm whales and more than 500 blue whales have been identified in the Azores, thanks to the research that is done in our waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This adventure starts at 8 am in our shop in Ponta Delgada. Our team of marine biologists will accompany the entire trip. We’re going to spend about seven hours at sea aboard one of our smaller boats. If you like the marine fauna and find out more about the social behaviour of whales and
Dolphins this is the perfect ride for you!

We’ll record the species we see during the journey, and we’ll understand how important photo identification is. For example, did you know that it is through photographs of sperm whale tails that we can identify if the animals are
in our waters or if they are new individuals?

We will also record some sounds emitted by cetaceans through our hydrophone and collect biological samples such as skin or stool to analyze whenever possible. All data collected is then entered into our database.

It is certainly a must for whale and dolphin lovers and biology in general.


Comfortable clothing and footwear, windproof jacket, sunscreen, towel, cap, backpack, water and snacks


The trip made in the semi-rigid boat, not advisable for pregnant women and people with back problems.
If you have any food restrictions, please contact us in advance.
Activity appropriate to children from 8 years of age for safety reasons.
Please contact us for more information.




8 Hour


8 Hour

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