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We are a tour operator that stands out in the tourism area with the ability to present authentic and genuine programmes in the “tailor made holidays” format. We have a wide range of our own thematic programmes, experiences or local touristic animation partners and hotels, positioning the Azores as a destination of excellence for Nature, Cultural and Sports Tourism, 365 days a year and in total safety!

TRY AZORES produces, organises and provides services for Outdoor Events. We stand out in the creation of tourism solutions combined with events that contribute to the promotion of the destination and enhance Nature, Cultural, Corporate and Sports Tourism in the Azores. 


About US

Our Mission

The mission of TRY AZORES is to contribute to the Territory’s Enhancement through the creation, infrastructure and distribution of thematic tourism products and events of Nature, Cultural and Sports Tourism, promoting the enhancement and strengthening of the international tourist attractiveness of the Azores as a destination.

  • In the pursuit of that Mission we assume as general objectives of our activity:
    Support the identification, creation, recovery, infrastructure and management of differentiating territorial tourism resources and assets;
  • To design and distribute a wide range of innovative thematic products in Active Tourism, structured according to the motivations of international consumers for Nature, Cultural, Environmental, Wellness, Creative and Sporting activities;
  • Explore the endogenous potential of the territory’s “concentrated diversity”, especially in rural and natural areas of the Azores Archipelago
  • Foster synergies and collaborative processes with the various agents of the tourism value chain, in particular with those of Tourism Entertainment
  • Use the potential of the archipelago’s natural and cultural resources for the organisation of international and corporate events.
    Stimulate Environmental Conservation and a Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, consistent with the natural, social and traditional values of the communities;
  • Actively participate in the digital transition of the operational, commercial and marketing processes of the tourist activity.
TRY Azores

What we do

TRY AZORES promotes the Azores as a destination and its Natural and Cultural Heritage in external markets, providing services and marketing specialised thematic products in the field of Active, Cultural and Sport Tourism, thus enhancing local and sustainable development opportunities with a global reach.

As a consultant, TRY AZORES provides specialized services for the Creation, Structuring and Implementation of Tourism Products and Resources, Territorial Marketing and Tourism Communication, focused on the country’s heritage assets and natural and cultural resources, for public entities of territorial & tourism management and for the private sector.

Develops its activity as Tour Operator providing a digital marketplace, www.tryazores.pt, which integrates a diversified offer of experiences and activities operated by a qualified Network of Partners in Tourism Promotion and Hospitality, positioning the Azores Archipelago as a destination of excellence for sustainable Nature, Cultural and Sports Tourism, 365 days a year and in total safety!

The production, organisation and provision of services for “Outdoor” Events to TRY AZORES, which differentiates itself in the conception of solutions for events that contribute to the international promotion of the destination and that enhance Sports Tourism in the Azores.



BIOPSHERE COMMITTED. We practice and promote responsible and sustainable tourism with collaborative initiatives that guarantee positive and constructive forms of coexistence between the visitor and the local community in order to promote the importance of preservation and good practice in responsible consumption of the material & immaterial heritage and the natural resources of the territory.

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